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I am inspired by the works of great painters and sculptors to find my own voice and explore my own artistic expression. The foundation for compelling art is all around us. Because of my career in video and film production and my long standing love of photography I see much of the world as images. With photography I am able to catch those images. And using the digital darkroom I can further transform a bit of the natural and man-made world into my personal vision. I believe that every millimeter of every image is an integral part of the whole. The elements within the image frame are what interest me; composition, color, light, tone and texture. The camera and digital darkroom are tools I use to unite those elements and create a cohesive, balanced whole. For me the creation of art is a journey of discovery. I do not always know where I will end up when I first click the shutter. But I believe there is something to be found. That is what gets my creative juices flowing and invites me to experiment. So it is with a great feeling of adventure that I pick up my camera and begin the journey. ________________________________________ BIO: I am a photographer, digital artist and TV/ video production professional with more than 25 years experience in the visual arts. Born in Nebraska and raised in Southern California, I moved to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State University and graduated with degrees in Creative Writing and History. After graduation I spent a year traveling throughout Europe, where my interest in the visual arts blossomed. When I returned from Europe I went to work for a chain of retail camera stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and really started my education in photography. Then my life took an interesting turn when a friend and I started a video production company. For the next ten years I produced original programming and corporate videos. Eventually I sold my interest in the company and have spent the last 15 plus years as a producer, videographer, editor, writer and studio manager. During all this time photography has remained a vital part of my personal life, but moving images has been my professional focus. But with the advent of digital SLRs and software like Photoshop and Corel Painter I felt compelled to restart my interest in artistic expression through photography. Though primarily self-taught, I received advanced training at the Nikon School of Photography, Film Arts Foundation and Bay Area Video Coalition. I also worked with many gifted photographers and film makers to further develop my skills and artistic eye. I currently live in San Francisco, California, with my wife, Michele, and an array of stuffed toy animals. My photography and digital art has received numerous awards from international communities of professional and amateur photographers including, Digital Image Cafe, Fine Art America and I am a contributing photographer to and a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. My television and video work has also been honored with several awards, including a Telly Award for Non-Broadcast Video, a Joey Award for Special Interest Programming from the San Jose Film Commission and a Bronze Apple from the National Educational Film & Video Festival. My work is in private collections throughout the United States and England.
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